The Online Gown Shopping Guide


This guide illustrates what you should be aware of when purchasing designer attire online. From measuring to conditions, use this as your handy go to for online gown shopping.

When purchasing from The Gown Company, gowns are sold as they would be right out of a boutique. That being said, most upscale designers make their gowns with the idea that they will likely require alteration in one way or another. Expect for any floor length gown that you purchase to at least need hem work.

The first thing you want to do is measure yourself or obtain measurements from your local boutique or seamstress. Brush up on the terminology associated with specific styles, such as the various necklines and silhouettes that may be complimentary to your body shape. Search for your gown by a variety of categories, such as designer, color group, size, and silhouette, then find the gown that speaks to you.

When you find your gown, feel free to contact us with any more questions you may have regarding it's condition or any visible wear. You can also choose to set up a Virtual Appointment if you would like to sit back and be catered to as if you were in a boutique.
After finding you gown, you should reference that particular designer's size chart to make sure your gown is the size that's right for you. When you purchase your dress, you can choose from a variety of payment and shipping methods, as well as determining how long the gown will take to arrive on your doorstep.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

Measuring Yourself



When measuring yourself, use soft measuring tape to loosely hold the tape around your Bust, Hips, and Waist. and record the measurement numbers in inches.

You can find a drop down list of Designer Size Charts in the Main Menu, or you can follow the Size Chart link found within each individual designer's collection bio.

Use your numbers when referencing a designer's size chart to make sure the gown you're purchasing is suitable for your body measurements and size.

Designer Size Charts

It is also important to realize that all designers work off of different size charts, and individual designer size charts should be consulted before any purchase. When purchasing a gown online, it's important to invest in the size which fits every dimension (Chest, Waist, & Hip) of your own measurements.

When consulting a designer size chart, you may be a size 6 in chest, size 4 in waist, and size 8 in hips. In order to ensure that the gown you purchase will fit, You should look for a size 8 in that particular designer. Remember, it's easier to take a gown in than it is to let it out.



What Style Works Best For You? 

Understanding what looks good on you is the first step to finding your perfect look. However, this isn't as simple as figuring out which "fruit shape" your body most closely resembles, and then seeking out expert advice on which styles can adequately compliment said fruits. The first real step to finding your perfect style is being honest with what you want to convey, what you want to accentuate, and what you want to hide. Every expert and guide you come across may tell you a specific style that may work for your specific "fruit" shape, however, the number one key to looking good in anything you wear is your confidence when wearing it. So we're going to disregard fruits all together and opt for a more organic approach.

Understanding both style terminology and style options is the best thing you can do to help yourself begin your style search. Love your shoulders but feel your butt may need a little work? Then you'll probably really love wearing strapless empire silhouettes. Want to show off all of your curves, well, accept for the tippy-top of your arms?  Then you'll probably shine the most in a cap-sleeved fit and flare.

Feel free to visit the Gown Co. Glossary to make yourself comfortable with some of the various options available, as well as possibly introduce you to style concepts and combinations you didn't know existed. Allow this to spark new ideas in regards to what your looking for, or just solidify the style you already had in mind.  Either way, you can use the guide to search the site by everything from color group and silhouette, to neckline, size and price. Some examples of different styles can be observed below.






To learn more about different styles, consult the Gown Co. Glossary to read definitions and explanations, as well as search the site using specific style terms.

















Gown Conditions

Our gowns come straight from upscale boutiques nestled on the Main Line of Pennsylvania. All of our gowns are 100% Authentic and never owned. Most of them are sample gowns, which allow us to discount them from their recommended designer retail price. In order to properly discount them, we developed a tier rating system which rates the general signs of wear for each garment. We also try to go above and beyond to include any pictures of wear or damage that may be associated with the gown so that you know exactly what you're paying for. For any gowns above $2,000, we recommend setting up a Virtual Appointment, so that all of your questions can be answered, and the gown can be examined via online video. For more questions regarding our condition ratings and discounts, please visit the Discount Tier System page, or contact us at

Armed with your measurements and style ideas, search the site until
you find the dress that speaks to you. Once you do, make sure to consult the specific size chart for the designer of your gown to ensure your garment will properly fit. Choose from a variety of convenient payment options, as well as shipping speeds, and then sit back and enjoy the rest of your day!
Feel free to contact us with questions or for
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