Discount Tier System

We carefully inspect each garment to assure it's quality,
as well as document any signs of wear the item may have been exposed to.
Our observations have allowed us to create a discount system based
on the relative "newness" of the garment.
These gowns have never been owned, however their in store handling
can vary from "never tried on", to "very popular style".
All significant signs of wear are fully documented, photographed,
and detailed within the product description section for each garment.
Our discount system is comprised of 5 tiers,
which take into account the relative level of
handling the garment has been exposed to.
Garment discounts range from 20% to 70% based on their tier ranking.


PRISTINE  ~20% - 30% Off Retail
The Garment is like new and shows relatively no signs of wear.

EXCELLENT   ~ 30% - 40% Off Retail

The Garment is almost new, and shows only one or two signs of relatively easy to correct signs of wear.

VERY GOOD  ~ 40% - 50% Off retail
The Garment shows very few signs of wear, may possibly possess one or two missing elements (Buttons, Sequins, Crystals, Etc.)

GOOD  ~ 50% - 60% Off Retail
The Garment shows mild signs of wear, may possess missing elements, may show signs of structural handling (Zipper, Boning, Etc.)

WELL LOVED  ~ 60% - 75% Off Retail
The Garment was a popular in store style, and has the signs of wear to prove it.



  • Stains, markings, or any other discoloration not related to the garment design
  • Missing elements, including but not limited to buttons, sequins, gems and/or stones, crystals, appliques, beads, and/or other exterior embellishment wear.
  • Cosmetic/personal residue, including lipstick, foundation, deodorant, etc.
  • Structural wear including zipper malfunctions, missing and/or damaged boning, stretched fabric, material holes or tearing, fabric pulls, lace piling, etc.
  • General moderate dust or dirt residue


  • Wrinkles
  • Detached original designer price tags
  • Missing bead bags
  • Minor dust





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