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The Gown Company began in 2017 as a way to allow boutique floor sample gowns to reach a larger audience. We serve Bridal and Formal Wear Salons in the Main Line area of South Eastern Pennsylvania. Normally, these garments are sold off the floor, or entered into consignment contracts with various local or non-local shops. The Gown Company started as a way for shop owners to find different avenues to reach potential clients and customers for their attire, all without having to pull the gowns off their sales floor.

One of the things that make shopping at upscale boutiques so special is the personalized attention that customers get from consultants during their salon appointments. We believe in extending that personal experience to our online community by offering virtual appointments. When you find a gown that speaks to you, you have the option to make a gown appointment with one of our experienced consultants.  During this appointment, our consultant will answer any questions you may have regarding the gown, as well as give you a visual tour of the garment via video hosting.

Many of the gowns offered here are discontinued or one of a kind, specially made by the designer for the specific boutique salon in which it lived. Because these dresses also originated in upscale boutiques across the Main Line of Pennsylvania, you will not be able to find these styles in any generic department stores. 

If you have any questions regarding The Gown Company, please feel free to contact us at  TheGownCompany@gmail.com or text 215-666-3786.

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